Burton Crystals

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A blend of calcium sulphate and magnesium sulphate intended to Burtonise the liquor (increase the acidity of mash). Use to enhance hop flavour in malt extract based beers. Mimimicing the infamous, in the world of brewing, water profile from Burton-Upon-Trent. Particularly useful for brewing heavily hopped pale ales.

Reduces the pH during mashing and wort boiling which improves enzyme activity
Promotes the precipitation of unwanted proteins in the kettle, hop back or whirlpool
Improves health and vigour of the yeast
Improves extract yield and fermentability
Reduces risk of infection
Reduces extraction of undesirable silicates, tannins and polyphenols
Reduces beerstone and can prevent gushing in beer
Reduces colour formation in the copper
Improves beer fining performance
Promotes head retention on beer
Adds chloride which impart palate fullness
Adds sulphate which give beer a drier and more bitter effect

Add 1 tsp (2tsp in soft water areas) directly to the copper at the beginning of the boil.

200g tubs

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