Easy Beer

All beer kits include easy to follow detailed instructions. It has never been easier to brew your own beer using the finest ingredients, malt, hops and yeast to give you a great pint time after time. What is Needed (40pt.)...

  • the beer kit of your choice
  • sugar (if needed)
  • steriliser
  • fermentation vessel and lid 25L
  • beer paddle or spoon
  • hydrometer and trial jar
  • syphon
  • barrel or bottles to store

Quick Guide

Thoroughly sterilise all equipment before use. Rinse. Empty the can of malt extract (beer kit) into the fermentation vessel with sugar if required. Add hot water to dissolve and mix thoroughly. Once dissloved top up to 23L with cold water stiring thoroughly. You should aim for a temperature of 18-24oC once complete. Add yeast and rest lid loosely on top of the vessel, leave at 18-24oC. After 24/48 hours a crust should form indicating healthy fermentation.

After 5-10 days the bubling should stop and to confirm fermentation is complete take a specific gravity reading using your hydrometer. Once the beer is at the required specific gravity it should be syphoned into barrel or bottles. Remember to add sugar for secondary fermentation to your barrel or bottles.

Leave in a COOL place for 2-3 weeks to condition and mature. Your beer is now ready to drink.


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