Easy Wine

Easy Wine Making Wine The Easy Way!

It has never been easier to produce quality wines in your own home. What is Needed (30 bottle)...

  • the wine kit of your choice
  • sugar (if required)
  • steriliser
  • fermentation vessel and lid 25L
  • airlock and bung
  • long spoon
  • bottles or wine dispenser

Quick Guide

Thoroughly sterilise all equipment before use. Rinse. Empty the fruit juice (wine kit) into the fermenter with sugar if needed. Add the required hot water mixing thoroughly untill dissloved. Once mixed top up to 23L with cold water stirring thoroughly. Aim to acheive a temperature of 18-24oC. Add the yeast provided and ensure the fermenter lid is tightly closed with airlock fitted. Fermentation should start within 48 hours, indicated with the bubles passing through the air lock and must be kept at 18-24oC.

When bubles have slowled below one a minute, check the wine has finished using your hydrometer.

Once finished, the wine should be stabilised and cleared with finings. Bottle or store to condition and mature.


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